So what’s it all about, then?

A foody tasting wineYes, we can define ourselves (that is, the staff) as foodies. We have a passion for all things culinary and we love to cook, eat and share! We can talk about flavors, tastes, smells, about the sensorial gratifications of food and drink. We have wine experts, cooking experts, agricultural experts. We can talk about the pleasures that arise when crunching on a freshly baked stuffed artichoke, the sensations on the palate that are exalted when you accompany Brunello di Montalcino with a Wild Boar Pasta Sauce.


We also appreciate the fact that eating is a pastime and sometimes it is just a medium for socializing and getting to know about those around you. We try not to be pretentious, we try to celebrate food as a part of our lives – respecting it and loving it for what it is, not just to show how clever and enlightened we are.

HappyJoyceWe want to create an environment where people can relax (it is a vacation!), learn and experience things around them. Food tourism allows visitors to explore the territory, the landscape, the sea, local culture and local products in an authentic setting. It doesn’t necessarily mean we should pass the time in smoking jackets discussing whether last year’s Sicilian nero d’Avola was less tannic with citrus highlights when compared to ten years ago (although, we could if you wanted to!). Yes, the Mediterranean Diet was included in UNESCO’s List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2010, but can’t we just say that freshly made gnocchi are great to eat?
That the secret in making them is in how you knead the dough to make the pasta? That traditionally people from Central Italy eat gnocchi on Thursdays? That there is a reason for this? What are the best types of potato to use? Real food is the new authenticity!! We actually aim to link food, landscape and culture together to give our guests a real experience!